the yearly review – 2012

During our recent holiday travels, Mike and I reviewed 2012.  We tried to think of all the things we were able to accomplish and how cool the year really had been and how blessed we are. 

While I did “check off the 2012 list” in my last post, below is our unofficial…

2012 in:review

in no particular order

I’m sure there is so much more.

We are so blessed to have another year together, time with family and new family, friends and new friends.  We have shared laughter and tears, smiles and pain and wouldn’t trade our experiences for the world (only heaven). 

IMG_20121226_134007 IMG_20121226_141541 P1030586



I hope you were able to enjoy a wonderful holiday weekend full of family and friends (maybe a little shopping) but remembering all the reasons to be thankful.

We celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday with my mom and sister and her husband.  It was nice to have the celebration at our house this year.  We chose to start the day off with a TURKEY TROT!  I’m not into “earning” the right to splurge on food, but it was a great way for the family to participate in an activity together and support a good cause.  My sister took her 5k seriously and trained with a “couch to 5k” program and beasted it!  My BIL completed his first “civilian” 5k =).  My mom finished her first 5k with the run/walk method (and did stellar I might add).  Mike and I finished our first 10k (outside of triathlons) and were pleased with our times =)  Here are a few pictures from our Thanksgiving morning run.

IMAG0122IMAG0124-1IMAG0135-1IMAG0133-2IMAG0130-1Turkey trotTurkey trot

The rest of our day was spent avoiding deep frying turkey disasters.  We had a little mishap with the oil, broke our thermometer, let the oil get WAY WAY WAY too hot, and then tried to figure out how to cool 4 gallons of oil back down!  All was completed successfully with no major problems and we enjoyed quite a feast of deep fried turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, dressing and rolls.  It was a meal to remember and a day to remember.

I’m very thankful we were able to spend such an amazing day with my family and enjoy making new memories together.

Up next: our first Christmas celebration =)


The world has reached a new milestone recently…. you are no longer “one in a million”… you are now ONE in SEVEN BILLION!!  Can you believe it?  7 billion people in the world now and over 1/2 of those were born in the last 40 years.  image

On a more local note: Yesterday, I spent a lovely afternoon with some pretty special ladies!  The small group I teach at church had a fall party: carving pumpkins, making pumpkin pie and enjoying a lovely bowl of chili.  It was delightful. 



These girls are totally awesome!

wanna buy a duck?

Raincoat-07Wanna buy a duck?

A What?

A duck!

Does it quack?

Of course it quacks!

How does it quack?

Quacks like this… wha wha wha!

1.  Today is a good day to be a duck.  And I know this is a picture of a dog, but it was far cuter than the duck pictures I was finding, and it’s Friday and all Friday’s should be filled with puppies and rainbows and … ok I’ll stop.  Its been raining since about 7:45 this morning and doesn’t look like it will end for quite some time.  At least its good for the grass seed we had spread end of last week.

2.  Hubs works a different schedule (normal for here, not for the rest of the world) where he has “off” every other Friday.  Today he was supposed to go golfing with his guy friends and (see #1) the golfing date was canceled.  Without much to do, he decided to do a little window shopping at Dick’s and Home Depot.  I told him to take pictures of what he liked for his Christmas list and all.  This is the only picture I received from the outing:


Yup! You got that right!  So for all you family and friends out there who like to be on top of your Christmas shopping, Hubs added one of these R8 Audi’s to his Christmas list.  =)

3.  There is nothing else new to report.  Hubs, our friend Kelly and I are headed to the outlets this weekend in hopes of putting a large dent in our Christmas shopping as well as our fall wardrobe!  Can I get an Amen? Amen!

4.  By the way, every time I type Amen… I always put a “d” at the end?  Amend?  I mean really? 

5.  I have nothing left to say.

6. I take back #5.  Enjoy your weekend!