still summerin’

While the temps may have cooled slightly, we’re still summerin’ here!

The Harmony Adoption group hosted another wonderful race this past weekend.  We loved their Mudders Day Mud Run in the spring and couldn’t wait to further our support of their cause with the Flying Color Run.

Now… neither of us have run since our last race.  For me, that’s 3 weeks (yikes!), for Mike that was 5 weeks!  It hurt just a little but was totally fun.  We sure got color bombed.

IMG_20130914_082252 IMG_20130914_085305


We’re still finding color =)

Then we enjoyed the afternoon on the lake with some friends!  They were awesome and totally rocked at surfing!

IMG_20130914_125440 IMG_20130914_130253


IMG_20130914_141612 IMG_20130914_162953

IMG_20130914_172818 IMG_20130914_190410

IMG_20130914_140055 IMG_20130914_180623_1

This little one is in training for next summer.



Race Recap: storm the fort

Storm the Fort has been our pinnacle race for the last 3 years.  Unfortunately, this year Mike had to sit the race out because of his broken hand!  He was really bummed.  My sister Kristen and her husband Aaron were able to come into town for the night and cheer me on during the race!! It was neat having a cheering section and a well documented race!

Storm the Fort is an Olympic distance triathlon: .9mile swim, 24 mile bike, 10k run.

My race recap goes something like this:

I had a decent warm up, found out that I hadn’t reengaged my front brake, so that’s good.  The swim went way better than I expected.  I was very settled in the water, only one feather or leaf in my mouth, no sunshine to cause creepy shadows, and my stroke felt good.  I counted breaths to keep myself occupied but overall I was pleased.  The bike went well.  I dropped my water bottle within the first 3 miles and had to stop and pick it up.  I also nearly locked up my chain but was able to peddle backwards and get it back on track.  The actual bike portion was good, I felt stronger in the flats than I have in the past.  My right foot was a bit numb so I unsuccessfully tried to work it out on the bike.  Then came the run.  I never hit my stride.  The lowest part of both quads was all balled up, my right foot continued to stay numb and my right calf/Achilles was killing me.  When I finished the race, I was disappointed with the run.  Not finding your stride for 6.2 miles is exhausting mentally and physically.  I figured I must have pushed too hard on the bike.  But after checking my splits and comparing to last year (and regrouping after I had some distance from the finish), I realized that while my body was fighting tooth and nail to complete the run, the training I’d done paid off.  My run split was faster than last year (not but a ton, but still!).

  • Swim: 27:53
  • T1: 1:21
  • Bike: 1:22:45
  • T2: 0:32
  • Run: 52:35
  • Total time: 2:45:03

So good race?  Yes!   I placed 1st in my age group  =)  Definitely a great year overall.

9599985031_6b295ede4e_b DSC_0979 2013-08-24 08.54.47 DSC_1042 DSC_1043 2013-08-24 10.18.29-2 DSC_1046 DSC_1053 2013-08-24 11.11.30

2013-08-24 11.11.39 2013-08-24 11.19.11

2013-08-24 12.37.08

Fleet Feet Training Group

Fleet Feet Training Group

Loved my cheering section!!

2013-08-24 11.49.53

Race Report-Westside Y Tri

We recently celebrated our 4th year in triathlons!!  Can you believe it?  It’s been a crazy awesome journey and I’m so thankful that a good friend of ours convinced Mike (who convinced me) to give it a try.

Westside Y Tri was our first triathlon.  It’s short, fast, tough and fun.  It consists of a 200 yard swim, 6.5 mi very hilly bike, and a 2.2 mi run.

Mike had a wonderful race!  Fast pool swim, successful bike course and good run!  He finished 3rd in his age group, placing 15th overall!!

  • Swim: 2:41
  • T1: 1:21
  • Bike: 20:32
  • T2: 0:43
  • Run: 16:08
  • Overall time: 41:23

9295284636_6bea4dd17c_o 9295172408_45af789e83_o

I was pleased with my race overall.  I placed 1st in my age group just missing out on top 3 women (I placed 4th!! my highest placement yet!)  My swim felt a bit slow, I felt good on the bike and the run (based on time) went well… just felt like it took way to long to get my bike legs to turn into running legs.  When you only have 2.2 miles to run, you have to make that transition quickly.  Overall I was very pleased!

  • Swim: 3:14
  • T1: 1:26
  • Bike: 22:11
  • T2: 0:36
  • Run: 16:39
  • Overall time: 44:04

9292502095_a20961def1_b 9292373927_96df0c11c1_b

I learned very importantly from this race the significance of going into the race comfortable and yet with challenging goals.  I was too focused this race on a certain time in each disciple that I stressed myself additionally.  Next race, I’ll make sure to go in a bit more comfortable and ready to take the race as it comes – racing based more on how I feel than pushing the clock.

995422_524501647597007_871120345_n IMG_20130706_095901

smokin’ the water

The Saturday before we left for Charleston, Mike and I competed in our first triathlon of the season.  Last year after training from end of Feb through end of November for 9 triathlons and then a half-marathon, we were a bit “over it” you could say.  We had hit the wall and knew we needed to back off our training a bit to put the fun back in.

So this year’s training/racing goals looked a bit different.

  1. Continue to stay healthy (we were able to last year also)
  2. Listen to our bodies
  3. Enjoy training
  4. Enjoy racing in races we actually like

We’ve been around the Knoxville tri-circuit long enough that we have our favorite races, so this year we picked 3 of our favorites and have pretty well stuck to our guns about only racing in them.  We still train hard, lest you be confused!

Back to the original reason to write this post… WE HAD A RACE!! And we did well =)

Smokin’ the Water is a sprint distance race in Kingston, TN that consists of 600y open water swim, 12.5mi bike and a 4 mi run.  We competed in the same race last year and wanted to do it again.

Mike raced really well! He had some good competition in the water, was fierce on the bike and then finished well on the run.  He competes in a super tough group of guys and still pulled out a third place win in his age group!! Great job babe!

  • Swim: 8:09
  • T1: 1:40
  • Bike: 38:08
  • T2: 0:28
  • Run: 30:08
  • Final time: 1:18:32

9094363538_8be0d08188_o 9092140721_e203cd079c_o 9092063907_dc7e3c0af1_o IMG_20130615_102941

I felt like my race went really well.  I’ve struggled with my open water swim over the past few years but finally this year it has clicked and I was able to settle down in my zone.  My bike went well; I couldn’t seem to really calm my heart rate down, but even with that was able to race an average of 18mph!! One of my fastest race paces.  The run finished well.  Usually at the 1-1.5 mile mark, my legs finally clear up and feel normal again, ready to run.  This time it took until about mile 2-2.5 to finally work out the kinks and then we were off! I was pleased with my time and pace of 8:15min/mi.  I brought home hardware as well, finishing first in my age group.

  • Swim: 9:22
  • T1: 1:24
  • Bike: 42:55
  • T2: 0:34
  • Run: 31:36
  • Final Time: 1:25:49

9094393148_bbf1444a58_o 9092387829_10472f53bc_o


Overall we were both very pleased with our races and are looking forward to our next race on July 6th – Westside YMCA Mini-Sprint Tri.  It was our very first race, so we like to come back each year and see how we’ve improved.

IMG_20130615_103133 IMG_20130615_222427 9094512714_cca2b10aab_o 9092384321_fa8fbe67f5_o2