thanksgiving and other merriment

Happy Thanksgiving!  Thanksgiving morning, Mike and I enjoyed the Turkey Trot run.  It was definitely very cold but we actually enjoyed it.  Running in the daylight was a nice change of pace to our usual Thursday runs.  Then we drove over to my sister’s to enjoy the rest of the weekend.


We celebrated both Thanksgiving and Christmas with my dad and his side of the family.


We had a lot of fun, enjoyed some games, lots of food and time together.  Mike and I had a long run on Saturday but Kristen and Aaron joined us so it made our mileage go by much faster.

DSC_6786 DSC_6794 IMG_5034 DSC_6789

There are lots of fun activities coming up over the next few weeks that I’m looking forward to posting pictures about.  No we’re not pregnant.  Things like sweater parties, decorating, more running, time in NC with family, time in MI with family and more.

For example: A coworker and I hung a door in our office.  It’s going to be where we post our KPI (Key Performance Indicators).  It turned out rather nicely!  It reminds me a little of Monster’s Inc.


Merry Christmas everybody!


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