current events

(taking a cue from one of my sweet sister in laws… and due to a strong lack of inspiration… and due to aches and pains from training affecting my creativity… I’m going to do another photo montage of recent events… enjoy)


The closet has officially switched over from summer to winter clothes.

But this does mean scarf season!

I am currently driving a loaner car from the shop.  We sent the car in for some routine maintenance and they are letting me drive “Bruiser.”  He’s a bmw that’s been around the block a time or two, to the sum total of 328,000 miles!  Still drives like a champ.


Christmas shopping is well under way.

A family picture from last month.  Or two.

IMG_5019 IMG_5014a

Winter running is well under way – complete with tights, gloves, head coverings and warm socks.

Which also means a few aches and pains and ice baths.  Don’t be fooled.  Ice baths aren’t as fun as this lady makes them look.

We cleaned out the flower beds for the season and scrubbed the siding on the house.  I found three gerbera daises and have enjoyed them on my kitchen window sill for the last three weeks.


I believe that is all.


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