still summerin’

While the temps may have cooled slightly, we’re still summerin’ here!

The Harmony Adoption group hosted another wonderful race this past weekend.  We loved their Mudders Day Mud Run in the spring and couldn’t wait to further our support of their cause with the Flying Color Run.

Now… neither of us have run since our last race.  For me, that’s 3 weeks (yikes!), for Mike that was 5 weeks!  It hurt just a little but was totally fun.  We sure got color bombed.

IMG_20130914_082252 IMG_20130914_085305


We’re still finding color =)

Then we enjoyed the afternoon on the lake with some friends!  They were awesome and totally rocked at surfing!

IMG_20130914_125440 IMG_20130914_130253


IMG_20130914_141612 IMG_20130914_162953

IMG_20130914_172818 IMG_20130914_190410

IMG_20130914_140055 IMG_20130914_180623_1

This little one is in training for next summer.



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