the cast goes surfing 2.0

The cast likes to surf.

The cast likes to stay dry.

The cast finds a new best friend.


The cast goes surfing again.

IMG_20130831_125755 IMG_20130831_125802

The cast does fancy tricks!

IMG_20130831_144719 IMG_20130831_144720_1

Author’s note:  The Dry Pro Cast Cover is totally awesome! You slide it on over your cast and then use the pump to draw out all the air, then remove the pump and plug the hole.  To then remove the cover, all you have to do is put your fingers into the cover and allow air back in.  It was super easy to get on and off throughout a day on the boat!!   It even held up to the rigors of surfing and tubing!


One thought on “the cast goes surfing 2.0

  1. Katie, if you haven’t tried it yet, we found that Gold Bond powder inside Sarah’s casts helped stop itching and smelliness 🙂

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