still summerin’

While the temps may have cooled slightly, we’re still summerin’ here!

The Harmony Adoption group hosted another wonderful race this past weekend.  We loved their Mudders Day Mud Run in the spring and couldn’t wait to further our support of their cause with the Flying Color Run.

Now… neither of us have run since our last race.  For me, that’s 3 weeks (yikes!), for Mike that was 5 weeks!  It hurt just a little but was totally fun.  We sure got color bombed.

IMG_20130914_082252 IMG_20130914_085305


We’re still finding color =)

Then we enjoyed the afternoon on the lake with some friends!  They were awesome and totally rocked at surfing!

IMG_20130914_125440 IMG_20130914_130253


IMG_20130914_141612 IMG_20130914_162953

IMG_20130914_172818 IMG_20130914_190410

IMG_20130914_140055 IMG_20130914_180623_1

This little one is in training for next summer.



have we learned anything?

Thank you family and friends for the sacrifices you made for our country before and after September 11, 2001.  Without you we would not be where (or who) we are today and I hope that we never stay who we are today.

I keep coming back to the same thought this today as I ponder the anniversary of 9/11…


Twelve years ago today our country faced one of the greatest tragedies it had seen in over 50 years.  We lost service men and women, civilian men, women and children and so much more.

Has our loss been worth the price?  I fear that today “we remember” but we have not learned.  I took a picture of a sign a few summers back when I visited a concentration camp in Germany.  May it never be so.


If all we learned was hatred for other nations and peoples, then no it was not.   If all we learned was to look out for ourselves, then no it was not.  If all we learned was to live safely, without any risks, then it was not.

But, if we have learned to cherish those we love, then maybe.  If we have learned to forgive greater, then maybe.  If we have learned the meaning of sacrifice, then maybe.  If we have learned what it means to be a true hero, then maybe.  If we have learned respect for life, then maybe.  If we have learned to stand up for what is right, then maybe.  If we learned more about who our God is, then maybe.  If we haven’t changed at all from that day, then do we really remember what happened?

I pray that out of all tragedies, heartaches, losses and pain we learn something.  We grow and develop into who Christ wants to be.  I pray that today we strive to become more forgiving, more loving, more compassionate, more like Christ.  I pray that our learning never stops.

labor day activities

We enjoyed another great weekend out on the lake celebrating Labor Day.  We had a wide variety of friends.

We taught kids how to surf.

IMG_20130831_122023 IMG_20130831_122630

We taught some other friends how to surf.  He and his wife both did fantastic!


And Mike and I tried to do more tricks on the boards.  He succeeded.  My spin move made it all the way around but I couldn’t re-catch the wave.  Oh well.

IMG_20130831_144719 IMG_20130831_133818

Monday’s outing was with a family of friends.  She took all the pictures…. =)  so you’ll just have to imagine all the sweet amazing things we did!

Hope you enjoyed your labor day as well!

the cast goes surfing 2.0

The cast likes to surf.

The cast likes to stay dry.

The cast finds a new best friend.


The cast goes surfing again.

IMG_20130831_125755 IMG_20130831_125802

The cast does fancy tricks!

IMG_20130831_144719 IMG_20130831_144720_1

Author’s note:  The Dry Pro Cast Cover is totally awesome! You slide it on over your cast and then use the pump to draw out all the air, then remove the pump and plug the hole.  To then remove the cover, all you have to do is put your fingers into the cover and allow air back in.  It was super easy to get on and off throughout a day on the boat!!   It even held up to the rigors of surfing and tubing!