dotson family fun

The weekend before last, Mike’s family was able to come down to Tennessee.  We rented a lake house for the weekend and MasterCraft provided the boat and we had a wonderful time!

The weather didn’t cooperate too much so you’ll see lots of blankets and sweatshirts, but that actually was ok.  We played on the water, taught family how to surf, tubed, laughed and carried on.

IMG_20130817_120740 IMG_20130817_120744 IMG_20130817_120748 IMG_20130816_112110 IMG_20130816_153243 2013-08-17 15.42.34 2013-08-17 15.55.46 P1060275 P1060324 IMG_1112

The dogs created a good bit of fun as well.  One evening we took Avi out on the boat and when Mike and I went to wakeboard together, she jumped in the water and retrieved Mike’s rope handle for him.  Then she wouldn’t get back in the boat.  She either liked her new life jacket or was being ornery… who knows.  Either way, it was cute.


Speaking of wakeboarding together, Mike and I were engaged 6 years ago on August 16th.  On our engagement day, we went out wakeboarding with some friends and got a really neat picture.  This year since the vacation fell on the same weekend, we decided to retake the picture.  It’s kinda neat.

Ribbet collage

One evening the boys decided they wanted to go fishing so they bought some line, hooks, sinkers and bobbers and we stopped at the side of the road to cut down some bamboo and they fished.  Too funny.

IMG_20130816_194954 IMG_20130816_195145 IMG_20130816_201626 IMG_20130816_203228 IMG_20130816_203606IMG_20130816_201800

Dad also brought with him 3 Fisher Price assemble your own boat kit.  He purchased these for Mike, Brad and Kelly back 20 years ago and they were never given, so what better time than 20 years later at a family get together!  Trust me, they probably had more fun now then they would have back then.

IMG_20130817_095429 IMG_20130817_095423 IMG_1184 IMG_20130817_105119

All in all, we had a lovely time together!  The lake house was wonderful, beautiful water, nice dock area, lovely boat and even better time with the family!



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