Mike makes this look good

Well…. Mike made it to 28.  While Mike has been an active boy all of his life, he manage to escape breaking any bones … until this past weekend.

Folks, he earned himself a first time x-ray experience (I think he was a little disappointed), a broken bone and a cast!  Apparently, your metacarpal isn’t supposed to look like that.


And when it does, your hand tends to look like this.


And you earn yourself some special treatment by one of these guys.

IMG_20130820_175759 IMG_20130820_175821IMG_20130820_180133 IMG_20130820_180330_1

On Sunday, Mike dove to catch a frisbee and his first two fingers bent around backwards, catching all grass and no disc.  He’s been such a trooper though.  No complaining, minimal pain, wasn’t even convinced he needed to go to the doctor, mowed the lawn.

We sat in the waiting room for 2 hours, then waited another 30 minutes in the room prior to the x-ray, then another 20 minutes to see the doctor, then about 10 more minutes to get a cast.  NOTE TO SELF: Schedule morning appointments.

This cast is his first of 2.  Mike will have this one for 2 weeks (he wanted blue but the guy brought black and after waiting 3 hours to get the cast, we didn’t care).  Then Mike gets another one and I promised him he could get the “waterproof” kind.

And in the words of Agent Jay (Will Smith) from Men in Black, [suited up] “You know what the difference is between you and me? I make this look GOOD.”



8 thoughts on “Mike makes this look good

  1. Looks like they did a good job!! That cast looks better then I could have ever done too :o) Keep it dry, it SMELLS HORRIBLE when it gets wet.

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