surprise visitor

While sitting at my desk last Thursday morning, I take a call on my phone from my dad.  He says, I’m driving your way, is it ok if I spend some time with yall this weekend?  Well of course I said yes.

He arrived Friday mid-afternoon and after a little chatting here at the office he went and mowed our lawn (so nice!) and washed his car and waited for me to get off work.  Mike had secured a boat for us to take out Friday evening, so when I got home, dad and I packed a few goodies and hopped into the car to go meet Mike at the plant for a quick evening of MasterCraft awesomeness.

My dad grew up skiing.  He’s a natural behind nearly any boat.  However, this past Friday we were able to teach him the latest boating activity – wake surfing!  He couldn’t seem to get enough and he did great for his first time out!

Here are a few pictures of our enjoyable evening!

IMG_20130802_190604 IMG_20130802_190956 IMG_20130802_200945 IMG_20130802_201020 IMG_20130802_201250 IMG_20130802_201357 IMG_20130802_201609 IMG_20130802_202006IMG_20130802_201552Thanks for coming to visit dad!


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