race recap-Springbrook Sprint Tri

Springbrook Sprint Tri did not make our initial list of “must do” triathlons this summer.  But after some thought and a few races, we figured we’d give it a go.  Mike wanted to race Springbrook as a relay and see if they could beat the guy who wins most every race.  I wanted to do it for a bit more race experience and because a friend of ours was racing her first triathlon.

Springbrook is a 200 y swim, 9 mi bike and 5k run.

Mike and I and my dad (since he was in town) volunteered pre-race as body markers.  Because a triathlon involves three disciplines, your race number has to be marked over your entire body to make sure race referees and other personnel know who you are.  This race involved the race number on each arm, the outside of each calf and then your age on the back of your right calf.  Which meant Mike, dad and I did a lot of up-downs before the race even started!!  Then, if that isn’t enough, you have to wear a race number for the run portion.

Mike raced as the swimmer in his relay and did really well!  There was a lot of fierce competition in this race and while he finished well, his team was only able to secure11th overall!  They did place first in Men’s Relays which was awesome (because no trophies are given for second place)!  Super proud of them =) and they had fun which is what really counts!

  • Swim: 2:30
  • T1: 0:53
  • Total Relay Race time: 47:53

2013-08-03 10.41.46

My race went well.  After the mental games of last race, I wanted to make sure I could stay out of my own head and race my own race.  I placed myself well in the pool start and it felt good.   I hit the bike portion pretty well.  I had to mentally calm myself down just so I didn’t get worked up thinking I wasn’t pushing hard enough or fast enough.  I still pushed hard on the bike, not to worry!!  And the run felt good as well.  The brick legs didn’t stay around for toooo long and I was able to negative split each mile (meaning each mile I was able to increase my speed!).  My overall performance was good enough for first place in my age group!!  I was super pumped!

  • Swim: 3:08
  • T1: 1:29
  • Bike: 28:45     (~18.3 mph average)
  • T2: 0:33           (I think this is on of my fastest T2s ever)
  • Run: 21:23       (~7:45 pace!!!)
  • Total Race time: 55:17

2013-08-03 08.20.04 2013-08-03 08.48.40-2 2013-08-03 09.03.15-2 2013-08-03 09.10.42

Our sweet friend Alyssa did awesome as well!!  I had helped her a few times throughout her training, answering questions and the like, and she did so well in her first Triathlon!  She even said that next year she was ready for more!!! Now that’s what I like to hear =)

2013-08-03 08.24.27 2013-08-03 09.24.01-2

It was fun having my dad not only volunteer but cheer and watch and see what all the fuss is about.  My mom was able to see us race a few years back and it was so special.  It’s nice to have family cheering us on.  We have a wonderful tri-family here in town but something about having your own people there, just makes it extra special.

2013-08-03 10.25.23 2013-08-03 10.44.43 2013-08-03 10.33.26



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