Race Report-Westside Y Tri

We recently celebrated our 4th year in triathlons!!  Can you believe it?  It’s been a crazy awesome journey and I’m so thankful that a good friend of ours convinced Mike (who convinced me) to give it a try.

Westside Y Tri was our first triathlon.  It’s short, fast, tough and fun.  It consists of a 200 yard swim, 6.5 mi very hilly bike, and a 2.2 mi run.

Mike had a wonderful race!  Fast pool swim, successful bike course and good run!  He finished 3rd in his age group, placing 15th overall!!

  • Swim: 2:41
  • T1: 1:21
  • Bike: 20:32
  • T2: 0:43
  • Run: 16:08
  • Overall time: 41:23

9295284636_6bea4dd17c_o 9295172408_45af789e83_o

I was pleased with my race overall.  I placed 1st in my age group just missing out on top 3 women (I placed 4th!! my highest placement yet!)  My swim felt a bit slow, I felt good on the bike and the run (based on time) went well… just felt like it took way to long to get my bike legs to turn into running legs.  When you only have 2.2 miles to run, you have to make that transition quickly.  Overall I was very pleased!

  • Swim: 3:14
  • T1: 1:26
  • Bike: 22:11
  • T2: 0:36
  • Run: 16:39
  • Overall time: 44:04

9292502095_a20961def1_b 9292373927_96df0c11c1_b

I learned very importantly from this race the significance of going into the race comfortable and yet with challenging goals.  I was too focused this race on a certain time in each disciple that I stressed myself additionally.  Next race, I’ll make sure to go in a bit more comfortable and ready to take the race as it comes – racing based more on how I feel than pushing the clock.

995422_524501647597007_871120345_n IMG_20130706_095901


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