smokin’ the water

The Saturday before we left for Charleston, Mike and I competed in our first triathlon of the season.  Last year after training from end of Feb through end of November for 9 triathlons and then a half-marathon, we were a bit “over it” you could say.  We had hit the wall and knew we needed to back off our training a bit to put the fun back in.

So this year’s training/racing goals looked a bit different.

  1. Continue to stay healthy (we were able to last year also)
  2. Listen to our bodies
  3. Enjoy training
  4. Enjoy racing in races we actually like

We’ve been around the Knoxville tri-circuit long enough that we have our favorite races, so this year we picked 3 of our favorites and have pretty well stuck to our guns about only racing in them.  We still train hard, lest you be confused!

Back to the original reason to write this post… WE HAD A RACE!! And we did well =)

Smokin’ the Water is a sprint distance race in Kingston, TN that consists of 600y open water swim, 12.5mi bike and a 4 mi run.  We competed in the same race last year and wanted to do it again.

Mike raced really well! He had some good competition in the water, was fierce on the bike and then finished well on the run.  He competes in a super tough group of guys and still pulled out a third place win in his age group!! Great job babe!

  • Swim: 8:09
  • T1: 1:40
  • Bike: 38:08
  • T2: 0:28
  • Run: 30:08
  • Final time: 1:18:32

9094363538_8be0d08188_o 9092140721_e203cd079c_o 9092063907_dc7e3c0af1_o IMG_20130615_102941

I felt like my race went really well.  I’ve struggled with my open water swim over the past few years but finally this year it has clicked and I was able to settle down in my zone.  My bike went well; I couldn’t seem to really calm my heart rate down, but even with that was able to race an average of 18mph!! One of my fastest race paces.  The run finished well.  Usually at the 1-1.5 mile mark, my legs finally clear up and feel normal again, ready to run.  This time it took until about mile 2-2.5 to finally work out the kinks and then we were off! I was pleased with my time and pace of 8:15min/mi.  I brought home hardware as well, finishing first in my age group.

  • Swim: 9:22
  • T1: 1:24
  • Bike: 42:55
  • T2: 0:34
  • Run: 31:36
  • Final Time: 1:25:49

9094393148_bbf1444a58_o 9092387829_10472f53bc_o


Overall we were both very pleased with our races and are looking forward to our next race on July 6th – Westside YMCA Mini-Sprint Tri.  It was our very first race, so we like to come back each year and see how we’ve improved.

IMG_20130615_103133 IMG_20130615_222427 9094512714_cca2b10aab_o 9092384321_fa8fbe67f5_o2


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