Charleston Recap-The Ranch

Mike’s crew went to a Foster boy’s ranch for the week.  The ranch housed 2 large homes with a husband/wife foster parent in each and up to 8 foster boys.  The ranch also was home to horses and a large swimming pond.

The first day, Mike and his crew were told that a group of 50 some inner city children would be showing up at the Ranch and that they needed some supervision.  Sure enough a few buses pulled up not long after and unloaded 50 some young children!  The Lord provided Mike’s team to be at the Ranch at such a time and equipped them as well.  His crew consisted of horse trained, life guard trained and kid trained students!! So they spent most of the afternoon leading around the kids on horseback, rescuing them from the deep end of the swimming pond and all around having a wonderful time.

On the way back to camp for the afternoon, Mike saw one of the inner city buses on the side of the road, so he pulled over and sure enough their bus wasn’t going to make it back downtown.  So he called me up and I traveled out with one of our empty vans and we took 12 children back to their home in downtown Charleston.  What an amazing opportunity to serve.

The rest of his week consisted of moving sand for a playground, getting eaten up by fire ants, helping build a swing set and playing with some of the foster boys on the Ranch.

Here are a few pictures.


1371479551814 IMG_20130617_114605 IMG_20130617_155215 IMG_20130618_112909 IMG_20130618_130033 IMG_20130619_091945



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