Charleston Recap-Rec Center

I have never traveled to Charleston, SC until last week.  We loaded up 29 students and 7 leaders and headed down for a missions trip to North Charleston. Wow!  What a wonderful experience, beautiful city and amazing God.

We served alongside 4 other churches, divided into 17 different crews of 5 students and 1 leader.  Every crew was paired up with another crew (10 students, 2 adults), and then sent out to a different work site.  My team of 12 was assigned to a Rec center in a low income neighborhood.  We spent our days hanging out with 3-15 children ranging in ages from 5-14.  We played kickball, basketball, pushed the kids on the swings, played with chalk, blew lots of bubbles, hung out in the shade on the playground, made crafts together, learned how to step, put on a talent show, played Jenga and other games and showed them the love of Jesus.

The first day we did not know what to expect.  Day 2 we came in prepared for some activities and games.  The lady who ran the Rec center (Ms. Tony) was very outspoken and at times harsh and we always seemed to be doing something that needed correcting.  Our last day, Day 4, came around and some of the students on my team said they wanted to do a Bible lesson with the kids.  When they asked Ms. Tony if they could do a Bible lesson with the kids, she, without hesitation or complaint, said yes!!  It was wonderful to see how God worked through our students and how he softened Ms. Tony’s heart for just the right activity.

Of course there are more stories I could tell, falling in love with those smiling faces, our hearts breaking for some of their stories, the fact that the Rec center has a permanent officer sitting outside in his squad car during the entire summer for the safety and protection of the kids (who love him by the way!), and more.

Here are a few pictures from our week of serving.  You can view the rest of them on my facebook page.

2013-06-17 10.39.05 2013-06-17 11.00.27 2013-06-17 11.58.21

2013-06-17 10.26.55 2013-06-20 14.45.35

2013-06-18 12.33.23 2013-06-18 12.33.48 2013-06-18 13.09.33

2013-06-20 14.51.46b


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