Charleston Recap-Free Time

We worked hard while in Charleston, but we also played hard.

Tuesday afternoon/evening we had some free time, so we loaded up the vans and traveled down to Isle of Palms beach and spent the afternoon playing in the sand and surf.  The waves were big but we body surfed anyways.  We were eventually run off the beach by thunder and lightening.  On Friday, camp ended around 9 am, so we loaded up to head to downtown Charleston before heading home.  We were able to shop in the Market and then grab some yummy seafood. Both times were lots of fun and we enjoyed letting loose together.

IMG_20130618_161513 IMG_20130618_172355 IMG_20130618_172423 IMG_20130618_161509

IMG_20130621_100137 IMG_20130621_103840 IMG_20130621_105503 IMG_20130621_104628 IMG_20130621_105801 IMG_20130621_105832 IMG_20130621_105843


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