happy mudder’s day

Since we were unable to celebrate Mother’s day with our mothers, we chose to celebrate with a Mudder’s Day run instead!

It was pretty fantastic!  It was a 5k trail mud run.  We  crawled through mud piles, climbed through and over large obstiles, traversed streams and bogs, swam through muck, and all while “running.”  Mike and I both won our age groups 20-29 which was a surprise to both of us.  Mike placed 4th overall and I came in 10th overall – who would have thought!

Here are a few pictures of our muddy mess for your viewing pleasure =)

Picture1 Picture2 Picture10 Picture9 Picture5 Picture6

3967 3966

Happy Mudder’s Day Moms!  Aren’t you glad we do our own laundry now?


birthday photo journal

I attempted to keep a photo journal of the birthday celebrations from yesterday!  And so began my 27th birthday celebration.

IMG_20130506_173409 IMG_20130506_173402

The celebrations began with a bouquet of roses that arrived Saturday from Ecuador!  Mike likes me to be able to enjoy the flowers a few days before my birthday as well as on my special day.  They smell wonderful!

IMG_20130506_145056On my actual birthday, the office surprised me with some cookies from a highly secretive bakery in town.  They were quite delish.


My friend Ashley gave me a super sweet new running hat with my very first monogram!  I’m pumped to debut it this week at track practice.

I came home from a good day at work to a few packages, sweet cards from family and little treats from Mom and Dad.  Mike surprised me with a cookie cake (he had them decorate it with a triathlete image… so awesome!) and a certificate for a massage at a local place.  Yessssss. Avi of course was super involved in the celebrations, especially when it came to the eating of the cookie cake.

IMG_20130506_182836 IMG_20130506_182931 IMG_20130506_182937 IMG_20130506_182942 IMG_20130506_183033 IMG_20130506_183041

We then finished out our evening enjoying Mexican at a new place a friend suggested and took a little shopping trip to JCPenny… 20% off storewide then an extra 15% off from my email coupon… yes please, I’ll have one of each!

IMG_20130506_183051 IMG_20130507_085934 IMG_20130507_090051

Just all around a great day and night, celebrating all of the blessings God has allowed me to enjoy.

And I made up for all of those blessing with a killer sweat session this morning of heavy weights and wind sprints on the treadmill!  Happy day after Birthday to me!

spring has sprung

We are actually having a spring season this year!!  Our winter lasted way later than anticipated (but likely started later than it should have) and usually goes straight from winter to summer.  Spring has sprung – trees are green, azaleas are blooming, tulips are finished and most importantly spring training has begun.  We have cool nights and mornings and warm afternoons.  It’s awesome! (But summer’s a-comin’ and that’s my favorite!)

Springtime brings the beginning of triathlon training.  Triathlon training brings exciting and not so exciting things.

Not so exciting things:

  1. Mountains of laundry (we’re only 2 people!) 
  2. IMG_20130407_083218Food crisis – With limited time and increased fuel needs, food consumption can become more of what is quick and easy than what is nutritious.  The cravings of a person who rode 30+mile bike ride only to follow it with a run tend to be quite strong.
  3. IMG_20130503_092122Really really really sore muscles 
  4. IMG_20130419_081806Lots of dirty dishes
  5. House chores that suffer (i.e. lots of water bottles and dog hair everywhere!)

The good part is although the season brings challenges there are exciting things as well (otherwise we wouldn’t torture ourselves).

Exciting things:

  1. IMG_20130428_222147Precious time with our pup (spring training adds anywhere from 10-20 hours a week that we’re out of the house, so we take advantage of time together when we can)IMG_20130425_221153
  2. Body Change
  3. Friends!!
  4. Sweat Sessions
  5. Pushing ourselves
  6. Learning to clean my bike chain (note to self- maybe you should not let an entire year pass by before you clean your chain again!)
  7. IMG_20130501_080343Early bedtimes!
  8. Early Mornings
  9. New “equipment” -shoes, outfits, swimsuits, etc

Overall this picture describes our feelings on the spring season… Crazy eyes, grin or gritting your teeth (both probably apply) and thumbs up that we’re ready to face what comes our way.  Happy Spring to you!!