color me rad – blue boogers

Our race season has begun!!  And it started with a flume of color.  Last year was so full of races and training that come December we were completely burnt out.

So, we started the season out in a fun way, and chose to run the Color Me Rad 5k!  It was fantastic and better than last year (mostly because it was sunny this year instead of dreary and rainy).



Picture2 Picture1Picture3IMG_20130406_094437 IMG_20130406_094940 IMG_20130406_094720


after – please notice my freakishly green hand!!



It was a lot of fun.  There were over 9,000 racers this year, so we’re glad we were able to start in the second wave of people.  And even with limited training we finished with fantastic (unofficial) times.  If you have the opportunity to do Color Me Rad (which are all over the country), DO IT!  It’s a lot of fun, untimed, for all skill levels (and non-skill levels), old and young alike.  It’s just about having a blast and getting color bombed.

I almost forgot to come full circle to the title.  Yes most of the color comes out of your clothes and off your body with the first wash.  But I was definitely blowing blue boogers for the next few days =)


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