florida vaca


I did check!  My last post was 3/12… so it hasn’t been quite one month since my last post.  And I still remembered my password =)

We recently got back from our vacation to Siesta Key, Florida.  It was wonderful seeing Mike’s family (minus Kelly and Adam!! =(  next year hopefully!)  The weather didn’t cooperate quite like I had hoped but it was still nice and we were able to get some sun.  Our first two days had heavy fog, all day.  Like you couldn’t see more than a few buildings down on the beach.  So we sat out a little (with sunscreen!! not to worry mama, you taught me well) and walked a lot.


Then there was a day of afternoon storms, so of course, we headed out to the beach with our boogie boards!  Red flags were flying but that means big waves right?  ok ok … I know!  We came in when it started to rain but had a great time playing in the waves.  The boys played deeper than me with the bigger waves.  I did try to swim out with them but after fighting for forever and still not getting anywhere, I decided to play it a bit safer in the shallows.

IMG_20130324_152744 IMG_20130324_155901 IMG_20130324_155858

not a serious bone in either of this mongrels

One morning walk on the beach we ventured to the north end of the island and out on a newer sandbar that developed this year.  It is HUGE!  We saw a pup of devil rays on the bar.  They were a ton of fun to watch and swam super close to us.  Here is a pic I found so you know what I’m talking about.  We saw dolphins too a few days later.

devil ray

The last few days were a high of maybe 62 with winds between 15 and 25 mph!  It made for some nice walks on the beach and better afternoons at the pool.  Most of the time you were able to lay out at the pool because the sun was warm enough between gusts of wind to keep you from shivering to death!

The condo we stayed in was made for small people…


We were hoping to go paddle boarding like we did last year but it was too windy and cold.. so we found other activities to keep us busy. We enjoyed some excursions into town and grandma’s keylime pie as well as one from Publix.  Both were fabulous!

IMG_20130325_190333 IMG_20130325_204039


Overall we had a wonderful time and can’t wait to go again soon.

And this is the cutey we came back to =)



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