epic milkshake

Sigh.  Pinterest.  The last job I held was typically feast or famine.  I went from having a full plate one day to having very little do.  I learned a ton and was thankful for my friendships there, but the seasons of famine left me with lots of time on my hands.

Enter Pinterest.

I’ve been a member since you had to request to be a member which is now just over a year, ok I guess that makes me old (in the Pinterest world).  Many hours have likely been wasted on said website.  I was even called out by our youth pastor the other day for being a Pinterest queen.  Not sure how he knows…

(I might have a problem… 2,013 pins of a problem)

If I had my druthers, I would only make a slight improvement to Pinterest…add two button options on each link you “repin”

Picture13 Picture12

I think this would allow the world to know the success rates of each pin.  It might save a lot of marriages of tears.

According the NEW AND IMPROVED Pinterest… this pin totally received the thumbs up button!


Here is the real link.  It is a Wendy’s Frosty made in your own home with ingredients you probably have on hand and likely cures the common cold.  Ok I probably made that last part up, but still, you get the idea.

I could hardly take a proper picture of said tasty treat before it wasgone.


So anyways, if you’re looking for a simple special treat, look no further.  I’m thinking variations are in store.  You could make a simple vanilla milkshake; don’t have chocolate milk, mix some ovaltine in with your vanilla milk and vwa la (or however you spell that); oh the possibilities are endless.

Happy Monday to you =)


One thought on “epic milkshake

  1. Katie….interesting….my friend, Pam…..was just telling me Wendy’s has coupons for their shake on Halloween and only around Halloween….you can buy the coupons and keep them all year to get your shakes with the coupons….but fixing them at home is lots better….thanks. Ms. Pat

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