starting early

I think we have a slight problem.

We like shoes.

Not fancy pants shoes (although, those are awesome and we have our fair share), rather good-looking shoes for athletic activities.  If you’ve been reading DFF for any period of time, you are well aware of the amount of time we spend training each year.  This comes at a price – athletic equipment.  The more time we spend sweating, moving and shaking, the more particular we are about what outfit we perform said activities.   I have particular shorts for shorter runs, and certain ones for longer runs.  I like specific socks for different activities – running v. biking; wool v. engineered synthetic.  I choose sport tops for particular workouts and other workouts deserve a whole shirt.

I digress.

We began our equipment purchases early this year.  During the fall I worked as a coach for a long distance training program.  My compensation was a pair of shoes.  I picked them up yesterday.  They are flipping sweet!  Can’t wait to get my bungee laces in them.

Brooks Pure Flow

And a few weeks ago on this fantastic website, we came across a pair of shoes Mike had been eyeing for quite some time.  The color scheme was even better than we could have dreamed and they were half price, so we purchased them up.

New Balance Minimus Trail

Both arrived yesterday.  And we did a workout in them and then proceeded to sit on the couch late into the night watching tv with our shoes still on our feet.

Oh happy night! IMG_20130212_203712


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