neither here nor there

The creative juices have not been flowing recently.  I blame it on a need for some wind in my hair, sun on my snoot and some sand and water between my toes.   So in an effort to continue to keep you updated on our lives in Tennessee… I am posting some pictures I’ve randomly captures on my camera phone over the last few weeks.

We purchased a vacuum!  Ours is about 6 years old and it served its time well (still works just doesn’t stand up on its own, so if you’re interested…).  We took the purchase seriously and tested, tugged, pulled and prodded anywhere you can think to make sure we were getting a good machine.  It is the floor model so we had to make sure (but got a good price because of it!).  Mike puts in his fair share of time at the house vacuuming, so he got the first test run and really likes it!


On Monday, I “walked” to work.  The truck needed an oil change, so I dropped it off at the place where I had a coupon and then walked the remaining 1/2 mile to work.  It was actually really nice to get some fresh air in the morning.

1360622017265 1360588701835

Valentines came a little early at the house.  We have Ignite this weekend (our student’s in-town retreat), so I received beautiful flowers last week and we’ve enjoyed them all week.  They have opened quite nicely and are beautiful.


And Avi has switched her favorite spot to the small sofa and made herself right at home.  There is no getting between the dog and her spot.



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