Meet the Family – Avi

This is the first time we saw Avi.

364_518985937274_5909_nWe fell in love.  We were looking for a dog and Mike happened upon her during a craig’s list search.  He knew if he sent me the picture, she was coming home.  Well, he was right!


our first night together


best 50$ we’ve ever spent

She fits.  Avi fits our family well.  She’s quirky, likes adventures and is ok with being silly.


she hates when we go away on trips without her


she has lots of extra face skin


loves her toys


and is a good sport, especially since her parents like to torture her

She’s adventurous.

459019_703055695004_1673283176_oAnd likes to play hard.


5851_542720812394_140406_nShe likes snuggling.

325373_626847656524_1297554_o 533523_758655757034_511446910_n IMG_20130209_171826

And being with her people.

651_522374776014_2089_nWe’re just better together!

And she hates having her picture taken!  But really likes food.  (I call her my sous chef.)  Ergo, she takes cute pictures when food is involved.


hushpuppies were on the line here

We just love her and while our family would still be complete without her, it is truly more rich with her in it!

We love you the Av (even if you are partially used!)!!

Meet the Family – Katie

This is me.


I like to be silly.

5611_541186861444_1867258_n 154_507707943464_6815_nI like to cook and be relatively crafty.  Structured crafting is always better.

IMG_20121227_163554I enjoy a good challenge and don’t mind trying new things.

556757_4129978289981_315823179_n 40670_563584201994_5166279_n

like running a half marathon

like running a half marathon

But mostly I like just being me and doing thing’s half way isn’t my style, which is probably why when either Mike or I have an idea, costume, adventure, etc… I’m all in and we go all out!


Welcome to my life!

Meet the Family – Mike

This is Mike.


This is pretty close to the same outfit he was wearing the day I met him “getting started week” at Cedarville University.  (side note: parents, trust me, Cedarville IS a safe place to send your daughters!)

He is quirky.


on our honeymoon! (shouldn’t he be on his best behavior?!)


He  loves a good costume.

For a free CFA Sandwhich

For a free CFA Sandwhich



Hero Night

Lifeguard for Hero Night

Advertisement for summer camp

He loves the water.  And being active.

40492_563584162074_5529199_n 288_19021143172_2691_n 288_19639158172_3140_n

He has the most tender and generous heart.

Mike and Lump.  He sat with this puppy

Mike and Lump. He sat with this puppy

Don’t let the crazy exterior fool you.

705028_752722262804_1768240004_o 337516_628838367124_1149506465_o

He is the sweetest, smiliest, squintiets, dutch-korean kid you’ll ever meet.

330938_628837728404_1112367211_o2And he never wants to grow up.

And I love him.

He’s the best and I’m so thankful the Lord changed my path and allowed us to meet that August day back in 2004.

Love you babe!