goals – 2013 ed.

It’s that time again to lay out some dreams for the new year.  I do believe it is important to asses each year that passes, what we’ve done well, what ywe’ve enjoyed, what you can improve upon, etc.  It is also important to set out new year goals because

 So here it goes!

  1. Get on a boat!! We are super excited this year to put our toys to use and get on the water thanks to Mike’s new job.
  2. Destination Triathlon – We love being able to train and race in Knoxville but sometimes it’s nice to challenge ourselves outside of the area.
  3. Another big trip!!  We are praying about traveling with our students again, possibly in a different capacity.  Stay tuned.  (Use of passports is a bonus!)
  4. Make it to Ikea – from last year I know… it’s still on the list
  5. See the lightning bugs phenomenon – again another last year goal
  6. Hike Mount LeConte – we loved our hiking experience in Poland… now to bring it home  
  7. Paint a few rooms in the house – after the window install, it’s time to refresh a few rooms, plus I’m getting the itch
  8. Mike – gain 20lbs of muscle mass by end of March =)
  9. Katie – make dried blueberries/strawberries.  I enjoy dried fruit and want to try it myself
  10. Travel to visit friends and family
  11. Take a get-away together like we did last year.  Maybe a cabin?!?
  12. Continue the room-by-room purge throughout the house (at a minimum… clean out the bunk bed room – my nightmare)
  13. Give more generously
  14. Take some 5 year family pics or just pics in general… maybe with Bill Roop Photography?!?! Love this guy

Praying for another great year of growth and togetherness.


One thought on “goals – 2013 ed.

  1. Sounds great….I have been reading “No Excuses” by Brian Tracy and he says 1)goals 2)plans 3)action……I call it my GPA….ha, ha…..Bless you both. Love you, Pat

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