Family Festivities – Part 2

(I’m a few weeks behind I know!)

We were able to celebrate Christmas with Mike’s family up in Michigan.  Our time together was spend with quite a bit of laughter, good food, activities and more. 

We took a walk in Aman park with all of the mutts who of course were in and out of the water.  We all slept good afterwards. 

2012-12-24 02-17-59-996 IMG_20121224_140047  IMG_20121224_140648 IMG_20121224_140640

We ate a lot of treats.  This picture is of Mike… saying “get in my belly.”

IMG_20121224_184450 IMG_20121224_184501

Spent some time with the g-rents. 

IMG_20121224_184507 IMG_20121224_184647

Worked hard at guessing what was inside our secret gift.IMG_20121224_185306 It turned out to be a hunting garden gnome!  Mom guessed it this year, so she’s up for selecting next year’s gift. 


Christmas Eve candle light service at Highland Hills.

IMG_20121224_231743 IMG_20121224_231750

Christmas morning at the house.

IMG_20121225_114620 IMG_20121225_115925 IMG_20121225_121216 IMG_20121225_130620

Wass family Christmas


Spent a very cold afternoon shooting at cabbages, I-beams and other old scraps in a field.

IMG_20121226_133926 IMG_20121226_133930 IMG_20121226_133954 IMG_20121226_134007 IMG_20121226_141530 IMG_20121226_141541 IMG_20121226_141547

Made gingerbread houses and trains with grandma and grandpa.

IMG_20121227_152651 IMG_20121227_154247 IMG_20121227_154252 IMG_20121227_154301 IMG_20121227_163412 IMG_20121227_163554 IMG_20121227_164921 IMG_20121227_165134 IMG_20121227_165147 IMG_20121227_165201

Even took a shopping adventure into Holland to help grandma pick out a sweatshirt and buy some candy from the candy store.

IMG_20121228_162240 IMG_20121228_164326 IMG_20121228_164406

It was a wonderful week spent with Mike’s family.  We were very thankful we were able to make the trek up north =)


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