handy lady

While I don’t profess to be a “handyman” and I don’t like the term handywoman (just sounds werid)… I do like to think of myself as a “handy lady.”  I at least attempt to fix things around the house before calling for help. I even have my very own toolbox for simple projects! (Be jealous!)

I really wanted to put shelves in our downstairs bathroom closet that doubles as a “pantry” for non food items… but after professing my intent of doing it ALL BY MYSELF to my husband…. and after a day to think about the magnitude of this project and attempt to figure things in my head and on my paper drawing… I crawled back to him for a little guidance.  He willingly obliged and helped me with the mathematics and cutting the boards to the proper lengths but let me find all the studs (in the closet… they don’t live there.. they’re in the wall.. this is going nowhere), measure the heights and use the drill to put in the brackets and mount all the boards!!  It was totally awesome and only a few times did I need an extra hand.


IMG_20121215_124744 IMG_20121215_124738

I AM TOTALLY STOKED!!  It looks awesome, it holds all of our extra stuff and even opens up more space to be used and I can totally find things without taking out half of the closet to get to that appliance way in the back.


Thanks babe for helping me with “my project.”  You’re the best.


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