family christmas

As stated prior, we travel most holidays visiting family out-of-state.  So, we’ve set our own family tradition to celebrate Christmas just the two of us in our own home prior to heading out-of-town.

Yesterday night was CHRISTMAS at our house!  We ate breakfast for dinner, got in our jams and headed to the Christmas tree to open gifts together (and the av too!).


“Christmas” “Morning”


sweaters, pots and pans, running headlamp, backpack rain cover and compression tights for me!!  as well as some shopping monies for non-athletic clothes =)

new basketball shoes

new basketball shoes


Mike torturing Avi with his new beard trimmer


my handsome sporting his cycling gloves and arm warmers (and he also got bibs too but they’re not shown) (and don’t forget the new bike!)

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


One thought on “family christmas

  1. yeah for new pots and pans… what kind, if i may ask…. i’m getting some, too… just not sure what type/brand… haven’t done my research…

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