goals-not resolutions 2012

It has been another great year.  I thought I would update our 2012 Year Goals – So here is what we were able to accomplish =)

(I know the year isn’t quite finished… but it was on my mind, so I thought I would capitalize!)


Aspirations/Goals for 2012 (You can find the Original Post here)

  • One bigger/international trip: Went with our graduated seniors to Poland (look at the Categories to the left and select “Poland” for all posts)
  • Be debt free (except the house) =)
  • Own a boat – a girl can dream right?  REALITY CHECK – if we do purchase a boat, you can be sure that it will be one that is well loved. – Close enough.. Mike started working for MasterCraft… so we’ll be on a boat soon enough!!!
  • Weekend trip with friends – how does this look?! We’ve accomplished plenty of other fun activities with friends (christmas party, halloween, trips with the students, family visiting and so much more!) And mike and I went to one of these hiking places together
  • Cultivate a more sustainable gardenwe had a great garden this year, loads of berries and jalapenos.  Sustainable? not sure, but we’re improving our methods.
  • Home improvement projects – re-carpet upstairs or install hardwood downstairs, finish replacing windows on the back of the house  this last project will just squeek in during 2012 and the painting will be finished shortly thereafter
  • New Jobs!  (I didn’t write this in the original post… as it might be a bit weird)  – We both were looking to find new jobs in 2012.  Mike was a bit under challenged and yet over challenged at his job.  I was looking for a new position in my field of study (marketing).  We both have found new places to call home and are quite happy!

Didn’t quite get to it all…

What a wonderful year.  Soon I’ll be posting new goals for the new year.  We have a few more hours of car rides in front of us to review 2012, check up on our marriage, figure out “what we did in 2012 we never thought we would do,” set new goals/aspirations for 2013 and dream together.


family christmas

As stated prior, we travel most holidays visiting family out-of-state.  So, we’ve set our own family tradition to celebrate Christmas just the two of us in our own home prior to heading out-of-town.

Yesterday night was CHRISTMAS at our house!  We ate breakfast for dinner, got in our jams and headed to the Christmas tree to open gifts together (and the av too!).


“Christmas” “Morning”


sweaters, pots and pans, running headlamp, backpack rain cover and compression tights for me!!  as well as some shopping monies for non-athletic clothes =)

new basketball shoes

new basketball shoes


Mike torturing Avi with his new beard trimmer


my handsome sporting his cycling gloves and arm warmers (and he also got bibs too but they’re not shown) (and don’t forget the new bike!)

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

handy lady

While I don’t profess to be a “handyman” and I don’t like the term handywoman (just sounds werid)… I do like to think of myself as a “handy lady.”  I at least attempt to fix things around the house before calling for help. I even have my very own toolbox for simple projects! (Be jealous!)

I really wanted to put shelves in our downstairs bathroom closet that doubles as a “pantry” for non food items… but after professing my intent of doing it ALL BY MYSELF to my husband…. and after a day to think about the magnitude of this project and attempt to figure things in my head and on my paper drawing… I crawled back to him for a little guidance.  He willingly obliged and helped me with the mathematics and cutting the boards to the proper lengths but let me find all the studs (in the closet… they don’t live there.. they’re in the wall.. this is going nowhere), measure the heights and use the drill to put in the brackets and mount all the boards!!  It was totally awesome and only a few times did I need an extra hand.


IMG_20121215_124744 IMG_20121215_124738

I AM TOTALLY STOKED!!  It looks awesome, it holds all of our extra stuff and even opens up more space to be used and I can totally find things without taking out half of the closet to get to that appliance way in the back.


Thanks babe for helping me with “my project.”  You’re the best.

let me sum up

I’m a bit behind in my blogging and I apologize.  I feel as if the last few weeks have been rather busy between Christmas parties, new jobs and the like.  (For those who don’t understand the title reference, I embedded the video for your viewing pleasure.  And for those who love this movie… enjoy!)

Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to the last few weeks (in no particular order).

IMG_20121117_145503 IMG_20121127_080609 IMG_20121126_175413 IMG_20121126_191657

We bought a new wake surf board for this summer’s boating trip.  Found it on a great end of the year demo sale from a shop down in Florida.  Then a new triathlon bike joined the family.  Mike’s been looking for one for a while and found one from a guy out of Chattanooga who rode this bike for less than one season and took about 1/2 off the sticker price!  Not a bad deal and it makes for one happy boy.



Mike and I hosted a tacky sweater Christmas party and had soo much fun! We made a photo booth and got some great pictures of the different people there.  You can check them out on the facebook.


Mike and I were invited to go to a fashion show down town with a friend.  It was lots of fun and something different that we enjoyed.

IMG_20121212_183622 IMG954777


Our Christmas party at the Hub was a “Christmas morning” party so pajamas were encouraged and footie jams were even better! So of course we went all out, footies, face mask and teased hair.  It was intense.  (and yes Mike’s were sharks and were totally awesome)



We visited with Santa’s reindeer! They were passing through TN to get some sun and so of course we had to see them.  They were smaller than we thought but definitely cute.  And there was a firetruck there!  (Our friends who have kids came along as well, so we didn’t look quite as out of place, but honestly we were planning to go regardless!  No shame.)


We had these precious people over to our house for dinner to celebrate them being together and completing their first semester of college.  It was loads of fun catching up.

And last but not least, we saw this last night posted by a friend and thought it fit us very well. =)