half marathon

I feel as if every post starts… “This past weekend.”  So as not to disappoint…

This past weekend Mike and I ran our first 1/2 marathon (in a race!)  It was a ton of fun to see just what your body is capable of after months of training and to see friends succeed too.  It was a well supported 2-lap race with some of the course running by a river and not too many hills.

These are the awesome ladies I train with (Lisa, Lauren and Becky) Just missing our friend Jamie who is out due to an injury!!! =( and I’m just now seeing that Mike photo bombed this picture! Thanks babe!

These are the guys Mike hangs out with!

My first lap went well; we’d been training for a 9:30 pace, and we were a little faster.  My runningmate Becky decided we could go faster on the second lap, so we bumped up our speed and were able to post a negative split (second lap faster than the first).  In the last mile and a half we kicked in some after burners finishing with a 9:06 pace!  Crazy!

I love this picture of my friend Lauren on the right (Becky is on my left).  Our training group was cheering for Becky and I and didn’t see Lauren… =)  Don’t worry, they did cheer for her eventually!

Mike’s official time was 1:58:20 and mine was 1:58:43.  Mike ran a great race but the few weeks he had to sit out of training due to a sprained ankle caught up with him right at the end.  He still did amazing; I’m so proud of him especially since he wasn’t sold out on racing a 1/2 in the first place =)

Mike slammed 4 pieces of pizza after the race and I ate a few orange slices, 2 cookies and a protein shake and we were off to church to teach Sunday School.   (I’m aware that it was a bit crazy).  On the way home, neither of us was hungry so we just went home and went to bed.  After an hour long nap for me I woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a bus.  After making myself get some lunch and pound some more fluids (I was actually well hydrated post race compared to most triathlons), I felt a wee bit better.

There hasn’t been too much soreness besides a bruised toe nail which hurts like the dickens!  Go figure right =)

I loved the race distance (much better than a 10k) and might just make another appearance in a 1/2 marathon sometime in the future.


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