love, trooo wuv

Our weekends often seem quite full and this past one was no exception.

We were invited to Ohio to celebrate Mike’s college roommate’s wedding!!! Finally =)  Congratulations Luke and Marissa!

We stayed with friends of our, the Kinsingers, and enjoyed lots of snuggles with their new puppies, enjoyed a run through Cedarville (tapering for our 1/2 marathon this next Sunday) and even attended a Wood expo where Mr. K exhibited the wood bike’s he has made.  Fantastic.  Yes the wooden bikes are ride-able (the K’s have over 1,000 miles on most of them),  they are made out of walnut and yes they are for sale!

It was a wonderful weekend.  No we aren’t getting a puppy (at least I don’t think so).  Yes, Mike fell in love with a little boy yellow lab who he lovingly calls “Lump.” And yes he keeps saying I’m the one who wants the dog! I told him he can call him Lump but that it can’t be his given name… we’ll see.  Not sure we’re actually in the market for a dog but they are hard to resist when they are so little and so cute.  Lump gets his name honestly because he just lays around and is content to be (which is what we love about Avi!!)

Here are a few more pictures of our weekend =)


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