how big kids still celebrate halloween

Halloween fell on a Wednesday this year and usually we have youth group.  Since many of our students would be supporting younger brothers or sisters who trick-or-treat still, man their houses with candy, or be out trick-or-treating themselves, it was decided that there would be no youth group this year.  Also, our church is studying what it is to be the church and how the church isn’t a place, its the people and the community; so we were told to be at our homes and be the church in our communities!

Therefore, since it is rare to have a night off as a youth leader, we decided to get together and have a ….


So we did =)  We hosted the party in our home and costumes were encouraged and awarded.  We all brought our own meat to grill and enjoyed lots of talking, games and watching the kids come to the door in awesome costumes (and the random parents who trick-or-treated as well).  The boys ate way too much candy, Avi’s never barked so much in one night at the doorbell and begged for so much delicious food, and we just really had a great time.  So here are a few pictures from our evening.

Clark Kent and Flo “The Progressive Insurance Lady”

Farm Bureau Insurance Charlie, Cook and Lobster

Denver Bronco, Cat and Flower (Avi did not like the Bronco’s costume and kept barking and growling at him when he put the head on)

Duck Dynasty and his trophy lady

’20s Flapper

Guest appearance – Trip Lee

Our Grand Prize Winners of a Justin Bieber poster =)

Flo, Cowgirl and Loofa

Avi-pooped after a long night of fun

Happy Halloween everybody!


3 thoughts on “how big kids still celebrate halloween

  1. All great costumes! Looked like an awesome party! I would have cast a 1st place vote for the loofa, with Clark Kent being a close 2nd!

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