Family Festivities – Part 1

I grew up with a small family all in the same town.  Life has changed the way it looks and currently my family lives in Tennessee, North Carolina, Minnesota Australia and a deployed soldier (I know right!!).  If we were to travel to all different locations we would require more pages in my passport book and a trip around the globe.  Needless to say, holidays look a bit different for the us.

We love the holidays!  We love spending time with family!  We love making our own version of traditions (and each year is different).

This year we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving (and Christmas) with my dad and family at my sister’s house.  (She lives the closest to us, so it was nice to not have to travel too far.)  We enjoyed lots of yummy food, a little bit of shopping, nice walks with the dogs and time together.

I’ll leave you with just a small snapshot of our weekend festivities.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone =)


half marathon

I feel as if every post starts… “This past weekend.”  So as not to disappoint…

This past weekend Mike and I ran our first 1/2 marathon (in a race!)  It was a ton of fun to see just what your body is capable of after months of training and to see friends succeed too.  It was a well supported 2-lap race with some of the course running by a river and not too many hills.

These are the awesome ladies I train with (Lisa, Lauren and Becky) Just missing our friend Jamie who is out due to an injury!!! =( and I’m just now seeing that Mike photo bombed this picture! Thanks babe!

These are the guys Mike hangs out with!

My first lap went well; we’d been training for a 9:30 pace, and we were a little faster.  My runningmate Becky decided we could go faster on the second lap, so we bumped up our speed and were able to post a negative split (second lap faster than the first).  In the last mile and a half we kicked in some after burners finishing with a 9:06 pace!  Crazy!

I love this picture of my friend Lauren on the right (Becky is on my left).  Our training group was cheering for Becky and I and didn’t see Lauren… =)  Don’t worry, they did cheer for her eventually!

Mike’s official time was 1:58:20 and mine was 1:58:43.  Mike ran a great race but the few weeks he had to sit out of training due to a sprained ankle caught up with him right at the end.  He still did amazing; I’m so proud of him especially since he wasn’t sold out on racing a 1/2 in the first place =)

Mike slammed 4 pieces of pizza after the race and I ate a few orange slices, 2 cookies and a protein shake and we were off to church to teach Sunday School.   (I’m aware that it was a bit crazy).  On the way home, neither of us was hungry so we just went home and went to bed.  After an hour long nap for me I woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a bus.  After making myself get some lunch and pound some more fluids (I was actually well hydrated post race compared to most triathlons), I felt a wee bit better.

There hasn’t been too much soreness besides a bruised toe nail which hurts like the dickens!  Go figure right =)

I loved the race distance (much better than a 10k) and might just make another appearance in a 1/2 marathon sometime in the future.

love, trooo wuv

Our weekends often seem quite full and this past one was no exception.

We were invited to Ohio to celebrate Mike’s college roommate’s wedding!!! Finally =)  Congratulations Luke and Marissa!

We stayed with friends of our, the Kinsingers, and enjoyed lots of snuggles with their new puppies, enjoyed a run through Cedarville (tapering for our 1/2 marathon this next Sunday) and even attended a Wood expo where Mr. K exhibited the wood bike’s he has made.  Fantastic.  Yes the wooden bikes are ride-able (the K’s have over 1,000 miles on most of them),  they are made out of walnut and yes they are for sale!

It was a wonderful weekend.  No we aren’t getting a puppy (at least I don’t think so).  Yes, Mike fell in love with a little boy yellow lab who he lovingly calls “Lump.” And yes he keeps saying I’m the one who wants the dog! I told him he can call him Lump but that it can’t be his given name… we’ll see.  Not sure we’re actually in the market for a dog but they are hard to resist when they are so little and so cute.  Lump gets his name honestly because he just lays around and is content to be (which is what we love about Avi!!)

Here are a few more pictures of our weekend =)

you matter

If you think your opinion doesn’t matter…

It does!!

Please take the time and vote today.  It is really important for our future and our country and your children and grandchildren and friends and neighbors and you!  While this vote is not where our hope lies, it is important that you take the time (no matter how long it takes) and cast your vote.