New News

I started a new job this week!  I am now the Sales Coordinator at Renewal by Andersen of Knoxville.  They We are a window replacement company that specializes in being awesome!  What What?!

Renewal By Andersen - Windows Replacement Knoxville

It has been a great journey since moving to Knoxville just 10 days after getting married and knowing a whopping 2 people (maybe) by first name only (not including my husband of course).  I started out teaching swim lessons to 3 students and by the end of the summer just 1.  That one student’s dad turned out to be my boss at the law firm for the next 3.8 years =)

Working at the law firm was challenging and new and something I never expected to do.  What I really didn’t expect was to make some great friends while I was there =)!!  I was casually looking for a job along and along in something more in a sales/marketing position because that is what I studied in school and I really enjoy.

And when the Lord finally saw fit to give me the green light, I was elated!  So here I am, learning new people, new work, new office, new driving route (yeah haven’t made that mistaken quite yet… it’s only day 2 though), and dusting off some brain cells that haven’t been used in a little while!!

I’m not sure I know all that much but what I do know is this:

The Lord has been so good and patient.  He has taught me so much and I have grown up quite a bit working for the law firm.  Would I have loved to have a marketing/sales job sooner? Sure, but that wasn’t the best plan for me and the plan to wait was even better.  I’m thankful for the wisdom of a Father that is willing to tell his children “wait, I have something different planned for you.”  Does that mean he isn’t good? NO way!  Just means sometimes the best thing is waiting and in the waiting we have things to learn and people to impact and lives to change.  Nothing wrong with waiting!  And then when the yes answer finally comes, it is so much sweeter!
This is the view from my desk =) I have a door to the outside for natural lighting and lots of windows to look at!

5 thoughts on “New News

  1. Katie, you are so sincere and engaging that I probably would buy a lot of windows if I encountered you in your new workplace. Glad to hear this good news!

  2. Katie,

    I am really happy for your (and Mike’s) new job(s) and all of the possibilities along the way for your both. �I’m also thankful that you will be able to stay nearby family and friends!!!!

    Congratulations! S

  3. I know you will do wonderfully well and God’s timing is always the best….because HE knows best. I love my replacement windows!!

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