For the last 4 years during our student’s fall break, we head off to Woodlands!  It’s a beautiful camp in Cleveland, GA, very relaxing, wonderful scenery and a place we can unwind and set our hearts back in tune with God. 

This year we truly enjoyed the slower pace, cooler temperatures and evening worship session on the lawn under the stars.  What an amazing reminder about God’s love for us and his forgiveness and how we can shine like stars.  And no, it wasn’t warm enough to go “swimming”, but that didn’t seem to matter =)

2012-10-19 22.15.192012-10-19 22.15.40-22012-10-20 09.26.532012-10-20 09.29.512012-10-20 12.59.562012-10-20 13.00.092012-10-20 13.04.362012-10-20 13.25.482012-10-20 13.25.512012-10-20 13.28.082012-10-20 13.35.122012-10-20 14.05.472012-10-20 14.07.07-22012-10-20 14.13.392012-10-20 14.20.14-22012-10-20 14.22.592012-10-20 15.28.212012-10-20 15.45.132012-10-20 19.00.522012-10-20 19.01.142012-10-20 19.10.532012-10-20 19.15.182012-10-21 10.52.29hdr_00007_0


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