the cousins come to play

Avi had a puppy play date all week with Becky (my brother’s dog) and Grace (my sister’s dog).  They are all so different just like the 3 of us are and yet all very sweet and snuggly just like puppies should be.

Here are a few pictures I caught throughout the week.  Please keep in mind these were taken of wiggly subjects so not all picture are clear. =)

2012-10-07 02-30-24-9612012-10-07 02-30-25-2202012-10-07 02-30-27-7622012-10-07 02-30-28-7432012-10-07 02-55-59-0632012-10-07 03-08-15-9972012-10-07 03-08-51-6912012-10-08 19.14.252012-10-10 07.27.352012-10-11 21.47.172012-10-13 13.45.062012-10-13 23.19.28


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