color me!

This past weekend was totally awesome! Not only did my sister come into town to hang out, but we were able to do a race called

color me rad

It was like a baby powder and skittles had an epic battle and both won.  During the run there are 5 stations that either hose you down with color or throw powdered color. 


So you start out looking like this


and end up looking like this


2012-10-06 10.29.52IMG_20121006_1024472012-10-06 10-31-47-3052012-10-06 10-32-12-689IMG_20121006_102900Mike Color Me Rad

2012-10-06 10-21-52-096

Best funnest untimed race ever =) and most definitely totally

2012-10-06 10-40-17-540


2 thoughts on “color me!

  1. Great post Katie! Any athletic event, seems a little more fun when you guys are there! It definitely was, totally RAD!

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