Polska Pack–The Three Crowns and Slovakia

The second hiking trip took us up once again.  We all went together to the top of the “Three Crowns” that looks over into Slovakia.  It was a cloudy/hazy/drizzly day, but we enjoyed our time. 


The hike up was up and up and up with no relief until we hit the lookout point.  We then went out on these metal walking structure in the drizzling rain to check out the view.  It was neat to see for sure. 





We came back off the structure and heard a testimony from one of the students in our group.


Our hike down took us to the other side of the mountain into Slovakia and towards our promised “rafting trip.”  Because we were supposed to be rafting with the chance of getting wet, we brought no cameras except Mike’s cell phone with the waterproof pouch.  It worked well, but the pictures are a little dark. 


Oh and side note, almost to the bottom, it started to absolutely pour rain!   So we pulled off the trail for a bit and then continued on.  But that sure made for a chilly rest of the day, wet feet, wet packs, and just all around dampness.




This is the view looked back up to the top of the mountain.  We summited the middle (and highest) peak behind us.  The 3 peaks are called the Triple Crown.


The rafting was anything but.  The river was gentle and proved to be relaxing.  The boats were the historical kind, 5 narrow wooden “canoes” lashed together with branches on the front to prevent water from coming in.  Our tour back down the river was really neat, with beautiful mountains on each side of us. 


This hiking trip was enjoyable, not quite what was expected and was full of laughs and good memories.  We tried to make the river boat fun on the way back by taking “roller coaster” pictures, throwing peanuts at the boat in front of us and attempting to translate what the river boat guides were telling us.


Polska Pack- Game Days and other fun

In between each hiking day, we were able to have a day of “rest.” … Right…  We played games, hung out, did crafts and all around had a wonderful time getting to know the students.  Team day challenges consisted of izzy dizzy game, “steal the bacon” with a greased watermelon (that was awesome!), big ball volleyball, water balloon toss, fill the bucket with a sponge, tie dye t-shirts and so much more.  Here are just a few pictures of those days off.






Just a few more hiking days to “review.”