Polska Pack – Mt. Baba Gora

This was one of my favorite hikes.  Baba Gora is the ridgeline hike that took us into Slovakia and to 3 different summits.


IMG_20120727_121302  After the initial hike that looked like the picture on the left for the first few miles – a rather steep ascent, the trail “leveled” out and was very enjoyable. 



You can sort of see the 3 mountain peaks we climbed in this picture.  First one is right over our heads, second peak is off to the right, third peak is past that in the clouds.


It was neat to be able to see off both sides of the ridgeline into two different terrains and areas of the world.  It was overcast a lot of our hike but we enjoyed the complete change of scenery from some of our other hikes.



This is us at the top standing in both Poland and Slovakia.




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