Stormin’ the Fort!

This weekend we completed our 2nd Olympic distance triathlon!  It’s a 1.5K/1500m swim, 40k/24.3mi bike and 10k/6.2mi run.  This race for us is quite a challenge.  While we are able to train for it all season, competing in it is a different story.  You push your body harder, farther, faster than you do in practice and leave nothing on the course when you cross the finish line.

2012-08-25 11.03.21

Mike did really well!  He finished first out of the water in the Men’s Under 40 group which is really awesome and then headed out on the bike leg.  This is where he caught a pretty tough break.  The turn around point was not set up and the volunteers were not ready, so he and the top 10 riders rode another 1-3 miles off course (farther than they were supposed to go) until a cop told them to turn around!  Talk about not a happy camper!  So he huffed it back to the course and tried to salvage his race.  He had a great run and was able to finished 7th in his age group!  I’m really proud of him for working hard after the bike leg disaster.  I’m so proud of you babe!


  • Swim: 16:54
  • T1: 1:44
  • Bike: 1:18:51
  • T2: 0:32
  • Run:51:50
  • Total Time: 2:29:49

It’s tough to compare last year’s times with this year’s times because the swim course this year was closer to regulation distance (last year’s was 1/2 the size it should have been); the bike leg was close to the same distance but they changed the course slightly taking out a huge nasty hill (which we were TOTALLY OK WITH); the run course was the same distance but a slightly better route this year.  We both were able to make huge improvements between this year and last year.  Here is last year’s blog on Storm the Fort.

I had a pretty good race.  The swim felt really good minus the log (or something hitting my leg – and it wasn’t another swimmer because no one else was around! I checked!).  It took my legs a little while to get going on the bike but once they did I felt pretty good.  The run was where my race got “fun.”  This girl I train with that is in my age group started her run about 1/4 mile in front of me.  I knew that I wanted to and probably could beat her but I was going to have to do it slowly and over the course of the entire run.  I slowly plugged away at it and was within striking distance around the 7k point.  At that point I kept her right in front of me until the last 1/4 mi and I just sprinted until the finish.  I knew I could hold out my run for that distance and wasn’t sure if she would challenge me!  I was able to finish in front of her by a small margin! I was very pleased with my race and was shocked to find out that I finished 1st in my age group!!

  • Swim: 20:25
  • T1: 1:24
  • Bike: 1:20:21
  • T2: 0:32
  • Run: 53:11 (about an 8:45 pace!! my fasted tri race pace ever!)
  • Total Time: 2:35:51 (about 20 mins faster than last year!)



2 thoughts on “Stormin’ the Fort!

  1. Awesome… sorry to hear about Mikes race though. Jay told me later that night about the first 10 guys going extra distance……wish they could’ve adjusted the time to make up for that. Congrats to the both of you!

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