Polska Pack–Mam na imię

(that means: My name is…)

We arrived at camp Sunday evening with the understanding that the students would arrive around lunch time, maybe a little sooner.  Monday morning we woke up around 7am to, “the students are here!!!”  Good driving on the bus drivers part I guess, but they arrived way sooner than we expected.  So we hopped out of bed and got ready in minutes and welcomed the campers in our rudimentary Polish.  Talk about being flexible.

The first day was just spent hanging out and getting to know each other.  It didn’t take long and by the end of the day we felt like we had already spent a few days with them.  We even took a short trip to the town pool.  Short because the water was FREEZING!!


In the evening we had some of the guy leaders do an awesome skit of synchronized swimming.  It was a great way to dive into camp, showing the students that we were going to hold nothing back!


Each evening we worshiped in both Polish and English.  Our first service was taught by one of our own Jonathan who spoke about God’s gift of grace.  The students then participated in a tangible object lesson and painted rough pieces of wood with the word łaska which means grace.


Totally awesome first day at camp.


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