13 days and counting

We leave in 13 days for the beautiful country of Poland.  I can’t believe  it is almost time to start this phase of our trip.  We’ve been praying, planning, preparing, raising funds and praying for the last 6 months and it’s nearly go time.

Some of you have asked for updates.  Right now most of our students (including us) are around 2/3 of the way funded for their trip.  Currently, we divided our team into smaller groups and are working on games, music sets, skits, dramas, crafts, testimonies and sermons.  It is fun to see the students get excited for this part of the trip because often the games and music and skits and real life stuff is where we connect the best with the kids. 

Thank you for your continued prayer.  Mike and I are excited.  I’m nervous but mostly because I can’t see myself there yet.  I get most excited when I get there and can visualize the place and the people, get a feel for how things operate.  That’s just how I roll.  We’re not nervous about the actual travel – been there, done that…. just maybe not with 18 students in tow!!!  Yikes.  I’m thankful I have Mike to hold my passport and tickets for me =)  It helps ease my mind.

If you are interested in supporting our trip, here is the information you’ll need.

There is no guarantee right now that I will be able to update you while we’re over in Poland.  If we are able to… I’ll be sure to post updates.


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