between races

It must seem as if we are racing every weekend.  Well, close, but not quite.  We end up racing probably every 3rd weekend (which is still quite often, but has proven to be loads of fun as well – keeps us on our toes).

Between races….. we often find ourselves craving pool or lake time, hanging out with friends, escaping the heat by watching TV shows inside… you name it – we’re still having plenty of fun.

Here are a few pictures from the past few weekends of things we’ve enjoy.

Avi, Mike and I were invited to our friend Kelly’s house to hang out on the lake for a few hours.  Avi wants to be right next to us all the time, even when we’re in the water, so we figured that putting her on a tube would work great… 2012-06-026

well somehow after about 30 minutes of that she slowly worked her way down onto my float and was content just to sit there in my lap!!  Too cute.


Last week, after helping out a friend and letting him stay at our house for about a week, we decided to take a date night.  I came across a very creative date night website and borrowed one to help us get out of our date night rut.   Mike had choices between old and new, light or heavy, more or less and I had assigned activities and/or parts of the meal to correspond with whichever he picked!  2012-06-29 17.51.23It turned out to be lots of fun.  We didn’t end up going to the dog park as it was 105 degrees when we got home from work, but we did spend some quality time with Avi snuggling on the couch watching the Olympic Trials for Swimming (one of our “wet” activities, the other was sloppy wet kisses from the AV!)

We ate dinner out at a new to us restaurant in town, not too expensive but enjoyable – Pero’s on the Hill.


Yesterday, in celebration of the Fourth of July, we took a long bike ride with friends! It was a great chance to get up, get active and hang out.  We headed over to a friend’s pool later on and relaxed and ate pizza (THE BEST post-long bike ride meal ever), then headed over to another friends pool to enjoy an evening cookout and fireworks. 

These are the ladies I ride with who are totally awesome!  These were taken when we were finishing out last .2 miles and couldn’t cross the street to get back to our cars because of a 4th of July parade!! It took us 30 minutes to finish our ride, so frustrating.  We still had a good time though.

2012-07-04 09.46.172012-07-04 09.46.26


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