we’re having a boat

(oh brother… I know this title is going to create some drama… but it’s the most appropriate)

Mike and I were at Bible study this weekend at a friends house.  Our friends are full term and will be having a baby any day.  Mike went up to see the nursery and came down with the biggest grin on his face!! 

He said, “I’ve got the perfect idea.”

Not unused to this brilliant man coming up with brilliant ideas, I said, “And what’s that?”

He said, “We’re going to turn the bunk bed room [the distant future nursery] into a boat room.”

Come to find out, he realized just how much stock piling and preparing you and your friends and family do with your first child and he thought that since we were planning and preparing and saving for a boat, that we need to do the same thing – stock pile and prepare for boatownership, register for goodies and get excited with our friends looking at pictures of the future baby boat that will soon grace our backyard. 

So babe, this ones for you…. since

we’re having a boat…

hopefully sometime in the not toooooo distant future…here’s my input on the planning and preparing and stockpiling that should take place in our new boat room.  Just a few room ideas I like:

boat room

boat room

boat room

boat in a room

And I even created a registry for the essentials =)

you can check out our registry here


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