Smokin’ the Water

Another weekend, another race.  We beasted the “Smokin’ the Water” Sprint Triathlon this past weekend.  I, for one, came into it with something to prove.  And I was very pleased with the results.  Mike did fantastic and placed 14th overall!!   We both placed 2nd on our age groups!

The Race was as follows: Swim: 600 yards open water; Bike: 17 miles; Run: 4 miles.

Mike did awesome! Here are just a few of his awesome stats:

  • Swim: 6:47 – he was the first person out of the water!!
  • T1: 1:43
  • Bike: 49:45
  • T2: 0:33 (now that’s moving!)
  • Run: 30:34 – putting him at 7:30 min mile!!
  • Total time: 1:29:20

My race went really well.  I cut my big toe on the bottom just before leaving for the swim start but it didn’t bother me once the race got under way, just made for a bloody mess in my sock for later.  My swim went decent.  The bike was killer! The course was out and back with some good climbs and not really any flat road.  The way back I kept my friend Jamie in my sights and that really pushed me to a negative split on the course – I averaged 18mph, one of my fastest times in a race!  The run felt great.  It took the usual 1.5 miles to get my legs feeling normal, but I was good to go after that.

  • Swim: 8:12
  • T1: 1:45
  • Bike: 55:40
  • T2: 0:38 – thanks to the flying dismount I was in and out of transition like Lightening McQueen!
  • Run: 34:37
  • Total time: 1:40:50

575918_375361989187438_1564912810_n - Copy303582_375360855854218_477661461_n - Copy578128_375362539187383_1582383656_n - Copy600702_305759086183538_157065717_n545106_375364549187182_92367968_n - Copy2012-06-09 10.51.292012-06-09 11.04.45165920_10150960951969508_746565124_n196198_375368029186834_338695568_n250719_375367915853512_966400768_n - Copy

This racing season has been full of amazing friends!  Just look at um! Aren’t they precious?!?


Next race… June 24th.


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