time to celebrate

Thank you for all of your sweet complements, well wishes and cards over the last few weeks as we completed our first 4 years of marriage together! We’re already excited for what our 5th year will hold.

Here’s how we’ve been able to celebrate in the past:

  1. short trip in April to Florida b/c we found a cheap ticket (I’m talking $15/flight/person cheap!!) and couldn’t do anything “big” in May because Mike was out of work
  2. travel to Michigan to celebrate Brad and Bethany getting married
  3. had a disaster of an attempt at a celebration and I think just ended up eating dinner out

Please don’t get me wrong, anyway we celebrate is fine with me and we’re not big on making a huge fuss over things, but sometimes it nice to get away.  This year we decided to do just that and actually vacate.  This is often difficult for us since our youth ministry activities don’t finish until after our anniversary, or we’re traveling around the country to visit family and friends throughout the year.  oh and we’re training for like 8 triathlons this summer.  So, like I said, finding a weekend that we can actually get away is a challenge. 

But we did it this year.  We set aside June 1 and 2 to enjoy an evening out of town and some hiking.  If you’ll remember, I found a nice trip I wanted to take this year and I sent it to mike and he picked which hiking adventure we would go on – Rutledge Falls.  We enjoyed dinner on the way down in Chattanooga – yes we did go to Fazzoli’s but who cares! not me; We stayed in a hippie (yet nice) hotel where I’m pretty sure our neighbors went in and out all night banging the door shut every time and Avi had to sleep in the car; We enjoyed a simple breakfast at the hotel; We stopped at walmart to get some cheese, crackers and sausage for lunch and hit the trail!  It was awesome.  Simple “hike” (like 5 minutes to get from the car to the waterfall), nice picnic, great scenery, adventures up and down the river and just a nice time together.

2012-06-02 11.44.532012-06-02 11.46.392012-06-02 11.53.582012-06-02 11.57.592012-06-02 11.58.03

2012-06-02 11.56.40

this is the upper falls.  We stopped over on a rock ledge on the left side to eat our lunch.  Mike had to run back to the car because we forgot his knife to cut the cheese and meat with.  Avi cried the whole time he was gone and kept looking for him to come back.  So precious.

2012-06-02 12.05.072012-06-02 12.11.572012-06-02 12.12.58

This is what happened when she saw him through the trees: 2012-06-02 12.15.032012-06-02 12.15.11Man and beast reunite!

Here’s our snack/lunch.  Of course, Avi was vying for “poison checker.”  We did indulge her.  I mean for real, how can you resist that face??

2012-06-02 12.20.422012-06-02 12.20.532012-06-02 12.24.432012-06-02 12.24.57

2012-06-02 12.33.492012-06-02 12.39.05

2012-06-02 12.54.23


Here are a few more of the good ones =)

2012-06-02 15.50.46IMG_20120602_095158IMG_20120602_095219IMG_20120602_115153IMG_20120602_115243IMG_20120602_122447


I’m so glad we were able to enjoy some time away and find a new special place.


2 thoughts on “time to celebrate

  1. I just have to ask….did Avi take the picture of you two near the waterfall? Sounds like a real good time. But it seems you know how to make good times wherever you are. Love, Ms. Pat

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