delighted enthusiast

The first day I heard someone say to me, “I might like to try a triathlon” was one of the top moments in my life.  Whether I directly converted them or not did not matter.  What mattered was the person was excited to try something new and had the gumption to actually go out and train for it!

The second time this happened was a few months ago when one of the students I’ve known for the past 3 years said to me, “my friend and I are signing up for a triathlon… how do we get started,” I’m pretty sure my grin rivaled that of Ronald McDonald!  Well that dream came true as my sweet girl Kiersten and her friend competed in their first triathlon this past Sunday.  Even better was the text I received later that day –

I can’t wait until my next race!!

Yess!!! this is one proud enthusiast!!!

Here are a few pictures of their proud achievement!

2012-06-03 08.02.382012-06-03 08.03.40-0032012-06-0042012-06-03 08.55.46-12012-06-03 08.55.48-003

Congratulations ladies on finishing 3rd and 4th!


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