foothills sprint triathlon

2012-Foothills-Srpint-Tri-logo.jpgWe competed in the Foothills Sprint Triathlon this past Memorial Day and there was some stiff competition.  While we’re not quite ready to apply for our pro triathlon status (or even amateur status), we both had great races.

350 M swim (Olympic distance pool), 10 mile Bike and a 2.5 mile Run.


Mike’s race went really well.  He had a rock star of a swim, got a little bottled up behind a few slower swimmers that started in front of him but was able to come out on top.  The bike leg of his race was stellar and his run splits were some of the faster ones he has posted.  Nice going!!

  • Swim: 5:09
  • T1: 1:48
  • Bike: 31: 20
  • T2: 0:46
  • Run: 20:20 
  • Total time: 59:25

My race went well.  I had one of my better longer course swims, starting right after my coach really pushed me to swim hard.  My bike leg was a struggle (and I usually don’t struggle on the bike!), but I finished and didn’t completely bonk!  The run course was an out and back.  The out was seriously all down hill and the back, you guessed it, all up hill.  The way out was a challenge for me to get my legs back into the swing of running, but the way back they felt alive and I posted a negative split!  I was also super pleased that my transitions went way better than last race.  If you’ll recall I had some major dizziness issues coming out of the water going into T1, but this race I was able to shake the water out of my ears (which looks really awkward while running) and it seemed to do the trick. No dizziness!

  • Swim: 6:06
  • T1: 1:44
  • Bike: 37:19
  • T2: 0:45
  • Run: 23:34
  • Total time: 1:09:26




pre race amazingness with the ladies






Mike jumping into the pool to start his race and then him exiting the water.  And that is me in the yellow cap in the water; my coach is getting out right in front of me.


both of us running out of T2 to start the run leg458912_3226971442932_1525946790_36847815_2094474399_o458912_3226971522934_1525946790_36847816_1366389720_o

Mike and his photo finish!


415421_3226977363080_1130201557_o2012-05-28 09.47.182012-05-28 10.21.212012-05-029

These are just some of the amazing people we train with on a daily basis!487334_414674715220561_100000341084670_1293283_1009497255_n-001

We are looking forward to our next race on June 9th!


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