Adam + Kelly

This past weekend, while Avi was off vacationing with her friend Aspen, Mike and I traveled up to Michigan to visit with his family and marry off his sister to the highest bidder.  Ok not entirely true.  Kelly and Adam started dating shortly before Mike and I got married, so it was their turn for sure.

We made it up in time Friday for me to go to the Bridal Luncheon and then the ladies spent a little bit of time doing nails together while the boys ran a few errands and went shooting. 

12-05-04 Kelly and Adam 01912-05-04 Kelly and Adam 020

Saturday was wedding day.  Mike and I helped out with dresses and pinning and finding the groom’s pants (yes I did get a call from Mike saying, “umm babe… Adam doesn’t have any pants with his suit!”… no worries, we did find them), escorting Kelly down the isle to see Adam for the first time, pictures in a field with a tractor and parasols and with Adam’s restored truck, then came the ceremony and reception.  Yes it was quite a full day.  Here are a few pictures we managed to snap during the craziness.

12-05-05 Kelly and Adam 01612-05-05 Kelly and Adam 02412-05-05 Kelly and Adam 05112-05-05 Kelly and Adam 04612-05-05 Kelly and Adam 064

12-05-05 Kelly and Adam 00312-05-05 Kelly and Adam 00412-05-05 Kelly and Adam 01312-05-05 Kelly and Adam 01412-05-05 Kelly and Adam 119

12-05-05 Kelly and Adam 015

Congratulations Adam and Kelly!


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