Birthday Boy and 2012 triathlon debut

2012-04-01 13.05.28Happy happy birthday to you.  You are my best friend, confidant, handyman, teacher, lover and all around the best partner the Lord could have provided for me.  Happy birthday to you.  I am looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays to come with you.

Love you Mike!


The weekend before last Mike and I competed in our first triathlon of the season – Trideltathon.  It was a great experience, good first race, injury and incident free. 

The swim course was located in an outdoor 400 M swim in an Olympic size pool.  I’ve never swim in a long course pool before, but I really liked it.  The water was warmish, especially compared to the 50 degree air.  The bike course was 2 short 3 mile loops around the area with some nice downhill coasts, intense turns, one tough climb, and two sets of railroad tracks to traverse… then repeat.  The run course was again around the area with some good ups and down to total 3.1 miles.  (so you’ve got that right?  400M swim, 6 mile bike, 5K run)

While we didn’t place in our age groups, we made great times for the first race of the season.  We had just started our training, I was nursing an injured foot and hadn’t run in about 2 weeks, so we were pretty excited with our times and accomplishments.

  • Mike finished in 55:49
    • Swim: 6:11
    • T1: 2:00
    • Bike: 20:53
    • T2: 0:56
    • Run: 25:50
  • I finished in 1:05:47
    • Swim: 7:44
    • T1: 2:23
    • Bike: 25:05
    • T2: 1:10
    • Run: 29:28

We pinpointed a few kinks we are hoping to iron out before our next race on Memorial day.  And all in all, we are very excited to have the first race under our belts so early in the season.  Here are a few pictures our friends were able to catch of us along the way.

2012-04-15 Trideltathon 0402012-04-15 Trideltathon 041

2012-04-15 Trideltathon 0442012-04-15 Trideltathon 045

2012-04-15 Trideltathon 0462012-04-15 Trideltathon 047

2012-04-15 Trideltathon 0432012-04-15 Trideltathon 049

2012-04-15 Trideltathon 0392012-04-15 Trideltathon 050

2012-04-15 Trideltathon 036this is my sweet husband waiting for me to finish and hand me a water bottle

=)  Best ever2012-04-15 Trideltathon 051

2012-04-15 Trideltathon 052


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