Birthday Boy and 2012 triathlon debut

2012-04-01 13.05.28Happy happy birthday to you.  You are my best friend, confidant, handyman, teacher, lover and all around the best partner the Lord could have provided for me.  Happy birthday to you.  I am looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays to come with you.

Love you Mike!


The weekend before last Mike and I competed in our first triathlon of the season – Trideltathon.  It was a great experience, good first race, injury and incident free. 

The swim course was located in an outdoor 400 M swim in an Olympic size pool.  I’ve never swim in a long course pool before, but I really liked it.  The water was warmish, especially compared to the 50 degree air.  The bike course was 2 short 3 mile loops around the area with some nice downhill coasts, intense turns, one tough climb, and two sets of railroad tracks to traverse… then repeat.  The run course was again around the area with some good ups and down to total 3.1 miles.  (so you’ve got that right?  400M swim, 6 mile bike, 5K run)

While we didn’t place in our age groups, we made great times for the first race of the season.  We had just started our training, I was nursing an injured foot and hadn’t run in about 2 weeks, so we were pretty excited with our times and accomplishments.

  • Mike finished in 55:49
    • Swim: 6:11
    • T1: 2:00
    • Bike: 20:53
    • T2: 0:56
    • Run: 25:50
  • I finished in 1:05:47
    • Swim: 7:44
    • T1: 2:23
    • Bike: 25:05
    • T2: 1:10
    • Run: 29:28

We pinpointed a few kinks we are hoping to iron out before our next race on Memorial day.  And all in all, we are very excited to have the first race under our belts so early in the season.  Here are a few pictures our friends were able to catch of us along the way.

2012-04-15 Trideltathon 0402012-04-15 Trideltathon 041

2012-04-15 Trideltathon 0442012-04-15 Trideltathon 045

2012-04-15 Trideltathon 0462012-04-15 Trideltathon 047

2012-04-15 Trideltathon 0432012-04-15 Trideltathon 049

2012-04-15 Trideltathon 0392012-04-15 Trideltathon 050

2012-04-15 Trideltathon 036this is my sweet husband waiting for me to finish and hand me a water bottle

=)  Best ever2012-04-15 Trideltathon 051

2012-04-15 Trideltathon 052


cycling and cows don’t mix

While this story happened a while ago, and I probably blogged about it back then, it bears repeating, if only for humor’s sake.

This morning at indoor “brick” training – we do about 45 minutes on the spin bikes, then head over to the treadmills for another 10-15 minutes then back to the bike (and we only end there if we’re lucky) – our coach was talking about a route that we should go on for a very hilly training bike ride.  I almost shuddered in dismay to realize that this bike route made my “do not repeat” list from last season… here’s what happened…

Mike and I decided we needed a shorter, different bike ride one evening to get in a good workout and mix things up a bit; so we loaded our bikes into the truck and drove to the Hardin Valley area.  Mind you at this time I had my old bike, was less experienced and dreaded anything that looked like, smelled like or acted like a hill.  

Mike had the route all planned out in his head.  We would go here, turn there, all the way out to here and then back to the truck.  Ok, no big deal, I trust his judgment that these are good roads and he’s amazing with directions, so as long as I follow him, we’ll make it back home.  And the change of scenery would be nice, lots of trees, pastureland, nice new houses, all good things.

So off we ride.  We start rolling up and down some pretty intense hills, up and down a few bigger ones and then fly down a huge hill.  Well… we all know from elementary school (or is it Winnie the Pooh?) that what goes up must come down .  Anyways.  We start a climb up a hill (and Mike isn’t having any trouble) and I feel like I’m peddling through mud.  It wasn’t actually mud, but it felt like it… we hit a turn and continue the climb… still “muddy”… we turn again and are STILL CLIMBING!!  By this time we are passing a pasture of cows.  My peddling has slowed down to a mere crawl, I’m in the lowest chain ring and I’m at the point where my bike is about to fall over because I’m moving sooo slowly!  And all I hear next to me is


(inner thoughts) Is there really a cow right next to the fence mooing at me, FOR REAL?!?! 


There is! Really Cow?


Can’t you see I’m dying here and your mooing isn’t helping at all! 




AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH  Shut up!!!  (yes I’m pretty sure I said the shut up part out loud !! and to a cow none the less).  Not my finest moment.  And yes, I may have had tears in my eyes.


I literally had to unclip and dismount my bike and push it the rest of the way up the hill and all the while that stupid cow continued to Moo at me!!!  I was soooo mad!  Not only was I beyond embarrassed that I couldn’t climb that hill (which probably isn’t really that big, I was just spent from trying to keep up with Mike, who is wicked fast and amazing at cycling), but I had a cow (who was probably trying to cheer me on in his own cynical way) sending me into a fuming tirade.

Of course, now the story is hysterical! but then… not so much. 

So here’s to you friend!

May we see each other soon – and this time (hopefully) you won’t be laughing!

sunny days in florida

Per the Dotson yearly tradition, we spent a few days in Florida this past week(end).  It was wonderful to spend time with the family, enjoy time with the grandparents, extended family and Mike’s bro and SIL. 

This year was typical – spend time at the beach, walks on the beach, throwing the frisbee, running to get our chairs from the beach during an afternoon rain storms (ok that was new), time at the pool and all around relaxing.

But to include something a little new, Mike and I decided that the family should go on a SUP tour of some mangroves.  SUP? you say?  Well it stands for Stand-Up Paddleboard.  It’s a long board that you stand on and paddle around on, preferably on calmer water.  Its very relaxing, great for all activity levels and a whole new way to see things.

We decided on a tour because that would allow us some family time, not too long on the boards if some of us weren’t so good at it.  Plus going on a tour with a local marine biologist from the nearby aquarium through mangroves!!, who wouldn’t want to do that?? oh and bonus – we got some SUP yoga instructions! wow, pretty awesome.

Here are a few pictures from our weekend.  It was just a wonderful time with the family.

30Mar12_FLOW SUP Ecotour - Mike's group_003

30Mar12_FLOW SUP Ecotour - Mike's group_015

Here are a few more pictures from our weekend, family group shots and “proof” that mike and his brother are related. (yeah sorry, they don’t look much alike in these pictures!)

And a special thank you to our friends who were able to watch Avi while we were away =)